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Job Fair


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I need help! I am getting ready to attend my first job fair. I am a 20+ year experienced teacher. What will I need to bring with me? I don't have much to put in a portifolio (it wasn't the rage when I got my first teaching job). Also, how long will I get to meet with each principal and what questions will he/she ask me? I would appreciate any ideas!
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I went a job fair last year. I interviewed with 10 schools while I was there. Some schools had an interview team of 2-4 people who asked you questions and others had only one person interviewing. They seemed to ask you 7-10 questions on average. I was asked alot of questions about reading (what types of programs I've used, centers experience, etc.) I was also asked about experience teach math. Another question was why I decided to become a teacher. Most schools asked for grade level preference also.
I wouldn't worry too much about the portfolio. I think out of 10 interviews, only 3 looked at mine. Many interviewers don't have that much time to look at them becasue they have so many people to talk to in a limited amount of time.


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They're exhausting! Bring your resume and cover letter. You can make a brochure or little packets for each school but don't bring your portfolio. You stand in lines for hours to talk for 2-5 minutes. Most job fairs are pre-screening for interviews. Bring a book to read, water, and a snack!

Mrs. Bee

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Wear decent shoes

I went to a job fair recently and at one school's table the principal only asked me what my ideal class would consist of and then he told me it was my turn to ask questions.

Oh... wear decent shoes.