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Jon&Kate and Little People


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Just curious . . .

I really like to watch Jon & Kate plus 8 and Little People Big World.

Does anyone know if and how much they get paid to have their lives recorded?

Jon & Kate have mentioned finances a few times and I know that companies and other tv shows have given them some "freebies" and special deals.

The Roloffs seem to have a TON of money. Matt is always spending money on something big and outrageous.

Like I said, just curious if anyone knows about them.


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Me too

I have wondered that same thing. I heard that one episode was sponsered by Fisher Price, the one where the Rose Pettal Cottage was on. I know Matt was in the Wizard of Oz, but I agree they seem to have quite a bit of money. I would love to know what the truth is. I would imagine they get some moeny.


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I would assume they get paid a good chunk of change to have their lives taped. I know I wouldn't do it for free or for a small paycheck!

Matt Roloff was a computer programmer and software expert in the San Fran area so I'm sure he made a lot of money he was able to invest. I read that they are trying to make a living on the investments in the farm (that they bought for 185,000). What I was surprised to read on wikipedia is that he has been arrested twice, most recently June 2007, for DUI. I don't remember seeing that on the show!

Mrs. Apple

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Jon and Kate

I do like to watch Jon and Kate but sometimes she can be so mean to him. I understand that having that many kids at one time and dealing them 24 hours a day is demanding but.....


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I also LOVE watching both shows!!

Kate's attitude is really getting to me. She's so nit-picky and wants everything done her way, not a great thing for the kids to be learning this. She seems like a control freak. And I can't stand how she treats her husband especially when around the children - he's basically her slave. Have you noticed the brands of clothing their children wear? (eg. Gap, Tommy, etc.). And the Cashmere sweaters John has worn - money, money, money. Every time they go somewhere Kate is so fussy about what the kids are wearing, and it seems like it needs to be something NEW with every little trip. Clearly their getting paid a ton from the show!!!!

Little People - every time I watch the episode my BF and I talk about how much money they have. They're always traveling and involved in different activities with the kids. I do give alot of credit to the parents though for the number of jobs they have.


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I would assume they are being paid. It is rather intrusive to have cameras filming your everyday lives all the time.

I can't imagine that Jon's job alone would be sufficient to support a family of that size comfortably. I wonder, too if a portion of that is placed in trust for the children.


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John & Kate, Little People, Big World

I enjoy watching both shows. I must say, however, the Roloff children do seem to be quite "mouthy" with their parents. I would love to see them corrected once in a while.

I don't think Matt could have been in the Wizard of Oz, he's not old enough! That movie was released in 1939.

Jon & Kate - wow, what a blessing those children are! I will agree that she really does demean hubby a lot. Do you think it's for TV or is that really how she is....hmmm.



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wizard of oz

Oboemom - you're right, Matt wasn't in the Wizard of Oz...he was in a movie about the making of the Wizard of Oz. His biggest role was as an Ewok in Star Wars.


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Sorry my bad

I confused the small role about the making of the Wizard of OZ and the Ewok in Star Wars thanks for clearing that up.:)


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Jon & Kate

I don't see that show often, but do enjoy watching the kids. They are soooo cute it brings tears to your eyes!

I don't think they are acting at all. I really think that is both of their personalities. I agree she's very short with Jon. I know that it must be so trying to have 8 little ones, but sometimes I think she's too much.

For example, I saw the one where they took the kids to look at new beds for all of them. One of the little boys was constipated. Man! If my son looked like that and was crying like that, I'd be rushing him to the ER! She just kept looking at the catalog and told him to go see daddy!!

Maybe it wasn't as bad as it looked, but man! I thought it was scary!

I also like to watch Little People from time to time...