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Jury duty - No phones?


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I have federal jury duty on Monday. They so no phones permitted if they have a camera.

It’s 70 miles from where I live. I’m not driving that far without a phone. Should I leave it in my car? How bad will the heat be for my phone?

Has anyone else run into this?


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May I bring my cell phone and/or laptop to the courthouse?

​Yes. Devices that have cameras and recording devices as accessories (such as cell phones, I-pads, etc.) are permitted in the United States Courthouse Buildings. However, the use of cameras and recorders contained in those devices is prohibited. Cameras and recording devices that are solely cameras and/or recording devices cannot be brought into the United States Courthouse. Prior to entering a courtroom you must turn OFF your cell phone, laptop, and all electronic devices. You may bring a laptop computer - keep in mind there are no internet connections available in the courthouse or the jury assembly room. Note that all personal belongings may be inspected by court security personnel prior to entry to the courthouse.

Ima Spedtcher

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They must have a place to keep it. My dad worked in a secure area and couldn’t have a phone or anything that could record anything. They had lock boxes to put those things in.

When I went to take a certification exam they had lockers to put phones in.

Is there someone you could call to ask. I would be worried about leaving my phone in a hot car.


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My experience

I had jury duty this summer. They allowed us to have our phones until we got into the little room for deliberation. At that time, they passed out little numbered plastic boxes to put our phones in, put them all in a box and took them out until we were finished.


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If you decide to leave it in your car, turn it off. This will keep the battery from overheating as it works to keep your phone turned on. And store it in your glovebox so it's not in sunlight. And to keep someone from possibly stealing it, of course.


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I would try to take it in and see what they say. If they say no, then you can go put it in your car.

FWIW, every summer I visit the amusement park in my hometown and I always bring my phone and leave it in the car. I usually put it either in the glove compartment or under the seat. It's very hot/humid there. I've never had any issues.


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Typically there is a jury phone number available on your summons. Try that. Or call the courthouse? I would for sure bring it.


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bring it

If you can't get an answer ahead of time, I'd bring it. When you get to the courthouse, explain the situation. They will tell you if you need to put it in your car or if they have a place for you to put it. When I was on jury duty (not federal though), they told us to not take our phones out. Mine stayed in my purse the whole time.