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Just a Vent



I had a student try to give me a 100$ bill the other day. That was frustrating, because ALL the kids knew about it and it put me in an uncomfortable position opening the card in front of the class. I talked to mom, who said that this is not the first time her child has stolen money from her. Not five minutes after she left I get a call from another parent, who told me the same child who gave me the $ is apparently slapping her daughter on the butt in another class. What is with this kid? Grrr...
And today one of my girls threw her spelling list away. And tonight she has spelling homework. She needs her words. She expects me to fix her problem. Okay...I asked her WHY she thought it was a good idea to throw her words away, told her it was her responsibility and she needs to find a way to get her spelling words. Is this mean of me?
My class has gotten a lot better with homework/organization skills since the beginning of the year, but things like this make me wonder where these kids heads are.


Good 4 You

I agree with what you told that girl. She needs to learn to be responsible and understand the consequences. If you gave her the list again, whats to stop her from being careless next week or the week after? What you did is teach her a valuable lesson that will help her to be abetter student. Good job!

c green


My kids throw them out, lose them, scatter them to the wind. They expect new ones. I hand out the extras I have, then they're gone. If you want another, come by after class, and we'll see.

One boy, today, chirpily told me "OK, I won't do it. It's your fault, then!"