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Just need to vent


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about insensitive and selfish colleagues. I am not particulary close to the new team of teachers I work with. They are very cliquey and all into their hair, nails and underwear- no kidding! They meet every morning to discuss these things! I dont partake in their morning coffee and chat sessions for 2 reasons- one I am not into that and 2 being new to the grade I have way too much to do in the mornings to get ready for my day. These teachers have not offered much support as far as helping me adjust and settle in. I have been on my own. That has been a hard to take all year but I have dealt with it. OKay so recently I have been going through a really tough time medically- my gyn. found a mass on my ovary and after a CA125 screening has referred me to an oncologist. I of course freaked out! I was sort of going through the motions at work- numb and totally not wanting to be there. I went to my team to explain my recent detachment and to let them know that I would be missing several days over the next few weeks becuase of what my dr found. I explained that I may need some help with catching up on staff meetings, school functions... etc... This is the response I got from one teacher- "Boy that was a way to sober us all up this morning." and they all went back to their chit chat. Am I being too sensitive by being hurt at their non-chalant attitude? Am I being selfish expecting they would care just an ounce? Not one of them has asked how things are going or if I need anything. No one seems to care at all. Okay I feel better just getting it out. Thanks for listening.


They sound like self-centered snots

so I can't imagine you'll get much support. I was on a team like that last year. It was horrible. Thank goodness it was a one-year placement and this year I am back on my old team. They sound much like your team. Not once did anyone on that team ask me about my kids or my family - EVER. They didn't even know my kids' names!! But I knew what kind of sex toys they all used and what kind of underwear they wore- GROSS!!! I am back where I belong on a team that cares. If I were in your situation last year, I would have received the same response you got. If I were in your situation this year, they all would be bending over backwards to do whatever possible to help. You can pick your friends, but you can't pick your team :=( I sure hope everything turns out ok.


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Good luck

good luck with your health issues. I was on a team like that once but all they talked about was their new cars, vacations, and everything else except school. I was stuck with them for three long years! Good luck to you.


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I hope you get good news from the doctors regarding your health! I often play devil's advocate just to offer a different point of view. Maybe your teammates just don't know how to react to such sobering news. Your experience might teach them a lot and help them to learn about how to talk and minister to a person with serious health concerns. I hope your relationship gets stronger with these people.

I don't always feel connected to my co-workers, but I think they would rally to my side if I had the issues you are right now facing.