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Just wish I knew why......



administrators/principals don't understand the stress we go through. I like my principal very much but some things just baffle me. I don't want to be too specific but long story short: Right now all teachers are under a lot of stress because next week report cards are due (our report cards are very time consuming to complete), parent teacher conferences are in 3 days, writing portfolio pieces are due, next round of testing is right around the corner, etc......
Today we get a "teacher day" with no students and had to spend 3 hours doing things that really could have waited until a time when everyone was not so busy (basically the meetings were about things that will be relavent next school year). I just kept thinking during the meeting that I could be doing report cards now or preparing for conferences and now I have to do that on my own time tonight which I will NOT be paid for.
It's all kind of puzzling to me.
Thats my vent thanks for listening


I know the feeling

We just had a staff development day. I teach LA and SS and spent half the day in a sci workshop and the other half in test training for a test our grade isn't giving. I could have really used the time in my classroom getting caught up.


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that seems to be typical

I don't think it's right, though. Administrators don't seem to care about what we have to do. I am working my behind off right now working all day long, then running off to the university at night to take a college course for my recertification. Going to class two nights a week, plus doing all of the work for that class, plus the demands of my job... Then along comes a curriculum coordinator who is wondering why I don't have some paperwork done that she keeps sending us. More paperwork and more paperwork. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all stick with the basics of our jobs and not have to worry about things that aren't absolutely essential right now???


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Don't you think we all need secretaries for the paperwork? Snack schedules, attendence reports, health forms, IEP paperwork. Some times I wonder if I am paid to teach or shuffle papers.


I second that

on secretaries! We used to have an aide who ran the computer lab who volunteered to correct papers, run copies, etc. but most of our aides now are busy with duty or helping the kids with their work.

I have some of my students help me with grading or we all grade class assignments together, but their are assignments I can't have anyone else grade - like writing.

The paperwork and grading can be overwhelming...as I look at the 3 piles before me!!!


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I wish I had a nickel!

I wish I had a nickel for every time I sat in a meeting or inservice that had been presented ten times before. I sit and think about the piles of papers to file and grade. The reality is that new new kids on the block haven’t had this information. I get that. I just HAVE to vent about the constant repletion. Inservice day feels like the movie Groundhog Day. Here we go again!


The older they are...

The older your administrator is, the less time he's had to be a real teacher in the classroom, and the further in history that time was, too. My principal--as he puts it-- "taught" 1/2 a year recess duty and 1 year of 4th grade. He's been a principal 28+ years. Hence the programs we've gotten and how the parents are handled is just a lot of hallabaloo, not feasible for the real classroom.

In my state administrators are required to teach 3 years before they can get a principal position. Don't know if they get the real vibe of it in 3 years, either, if they're just looking for administration positions at the end of it.


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There Ought to Be a Law...

that requires that administrators must go back to the classroom and teach every so often inorder to keep their leadership certification. Also, there ought to be a law that requires them to move to a different school/district every five years.


They don't trust us

I think they plan things because they don't trust that we WILL work. I had a school board member tell me once that work days are "just so you teachers can sit around all day and goof off." I quickly set him straight.