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Just wondering


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Am I the only one who broke down in class and cried in front of the kids? Feel very bad about it but it was a really bad morning. 3 of 4 kids on multiple drugs for various behavior problems came to school without taking them, one started a fight as he walked in the door, one pulled a major temper tantrum because I told her to go back to her seat and do her work, one started leaping around the room and out into the hall like a frog, (no kidding) and one growled at me because he was so angry and would not say why, very scary kid. This was in the first 20 min. of school. Because of the other junk the other student's decided it was free time and went bonkers. Then when I thought I might get control again the high school students that come once a week to teach spanish to our student's arrived and all was chaos again. Then the principal got on the loud speaker system and berated us for 10 min and most of us could not hear it, she said we were not friendly enough to our student's and parents blah, blah, (really 10 full min.) The teacher from the high school couldn't believe what she was hearing. I finally stepped into my back room and lost it. I cried. Finally a social worker came in and got one of the problems and took him. High school kids left and I started my lesson. The kids would not calm down. The 2 who were fighting at the beginning of class showed up back in my room and they jumped in and started wrestling with others and I lost it, right there in front of the kids. I did not yell but the tears came before I could step out into the hallway. The teacher next door came in and chewed them out but the principal never came and later when I saw her she never acknowledged there was a problem.
I did turn it into a learning moment. We talked about hurting a persons feelings and we talked about our class norms and a lot of things. The rest of the day was ok. Thanks, I just needed to get it off my chest. My hubby is not sympathetic at all and so I can't talk to him.


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Big hug

Big hug for you. My first husband did not have a clue to how rough some days can be for teachers even though his sister teaches. I know what lack of support at home is like. I think you did a great job turning it into a lesson. Good job.


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Hugs and more hugs

When I have been under a lot of pressure I break down and cry but I leave the room. This has been a very stressful year for me. For me crying helps to release the tension but I manage to do it in private. Hang in there! Do not worry about crying, you are human.
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Another hug

Yes, this has happened to me. Last year, the principal sprang a "Moving Up Day" on us with very little warning or time to prepare. We were to go from room to room picking up the kids. I was worried about the child who would be the only one from her class, going to a teacher she didn't know. We don't interact much with the second graders, so unless it's a sibling, or remembers you from kindergarten buddies or something, you're a stranger. Well, we get to the room and we are starting the assigned project, and this poor little girl starts sobbing uncontrollably. I was so sad for her that I started crying too. I finally got her to stop by letting her tell me who she might know in the class, and thank goodness the little girl she knew was willing to move seats from her best friend to be by her. I had one of my third graders remain with me because she had an injured leg, so she gave out the supplies while I tried to tend to this little girl. I was sure her mother would request a transfer, but it didn't happen. The good thing is that she is a great student, and we have become very close this year. It was a good thing that the kids saw me upset because it made me human. I'm sorry your husband isn't sympathetic. We have very pressure-filled jobs, and some days are better than others. You're doing the best you can.


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My husband is the same way...

when I come home griping about the pressures of teaching,I just want him to feel sorry for me and agree with everything I say (sincerly!)and massage me and hold me. I gave up talking to him about school over 14 years ago. He just gets mad or says stuff like "Why didn't you _____?" or "Did you do _______?" or "Did you tell them ________?" he doesn't understand that I can't just line them all up and beat their butts or tell off parents or administrators.

It's a good thing we have each other to talk to!


Yes, I've done it too

but I think we're all human. I didn't cry because of their behavior; it was a situation in the school that was beyond everyone's control. I remember, as a child, that I found it upsetting when my mom or my teachers cried (they ALL were crying the day President Kennedy was assassinated, and that really lent weight to the occasion, for a fourth grader). But we ARE human, and I think it's okay. I don't think it's okay to make a practice of it, but I'm sure you don't, and so, forgive yourself.

My husband doesn't listen to me, either, about school. He gets mad when I talk about my job because he doesn't really like kids (I do, obviously--no, we don't have our own) and because he says that when I'm unloading about a situation, I'm talking AT him, not TO him. I don't even know what that is supposed to mean. When I'm upset, I'd like to talk to him. But he just gets mad and tells me to get out of teacher mode and says he's sick of hearing about my job. I now consciously try to avoid talking about it. It's lonely. I'm glad for this board, and my good friend, who is also a teacher.


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me too

Not too long ago I had a mother really upset with the principal and she came and pulled her son in the middle of the day, with no warning, I had no idea what was going on...I had been working really hard with the boy - who had major issues - and I was very upset by this. I lost it right after they left, I had to get a teacher from across the hall to cover my class while I went outside for a few minutes. My students were very understanding about it and very sweet the rest of the day.

I can't believe the principal got on the loud speaker and lectured the staff for ten minutes while students were present. No wonder none of the kids listen - if the principal doesn't respect the teachers, there is no way the kids will.

Luckily, my husband is understanding when I have a bad day. I care about my students so much and I just want them to succeed and be able to make a good life for themselves when they get older (the majority of them have very little support at home) Sometimes, the emotions just get the best of me. I will never feel bad for having feelings - I see so many teachers who just don't care and I never want to be like that.

Ms. D


I've cried twice about behavioral problem students, not in front of my students but in front of the principal. The principal understood what I was putting up with. I didn't feel bad about it either; neither should you feel bad about crying in front of your students. It does show that you have feelings too. (I can't read I'll Love You Forever to my class without getting choked up). And the comment about husbands, I can relate about their not "getting it." Mine would be fired the first day!


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Huge Thanks

My hubby is a civil engineer so we def. think on different wave lengths. I had no one to cover for me and I couldn't leave. I did step out in the hallway. The principal never came even though a teacher passing told her I needed some help. It worked out. You are right they need to see human not teacher (who they think lives at school.) I was really sick and no subs that day also.
I came in on Friday with a new attitude and we had a wonderful day. We even invited the other 1st grade class to join us for our apple party. Our reading series had the story Johnny Appleseed. Things are back to normal. I brag about my kids most of the time. I told them that when I came in to talk about what happened. I told them how dissapointed I was in their disrespect for me and others in the room. We broke down our norms and discussed how we might change them or can we still follow them. We kept the original ones.
I am a very laid back teacher and things don't usually ruffle my feathers. That is why I get the "problem" kids. I do well with them. That is why I am going into special education Learning Disabled.
I do appreciate all the encouragement.
I tried to call my friend but couldn't reacher her. We went out for dinner on Friday and we had a good cry together because we were laughing so hard at each other. that was a good way to start the weekend.
Thank you, Thank You Thank YOu all:)


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I have

I have cried in front of students twice, although I'm not sure they realized it. The first time was during student teaching, and I was so frustrated with one class that I started crying while talking to my CT. She sent me to the bathroom, and I passed some students on the way, who then told the class. The class was really sympathetic and good that day.

The second time was this year. I was just having a bad day and became frustrated with the behavior of my class, so I told them I'd be back and went to the bathroom.

We're all human, and kids know that. You don't want to do it all the time, but it's no big deal if they see you cry a couple of times. Turning it into a learning moment is great too.