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Justin’s Brand Peanut Butter Spread


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Has anyone had this? Is it creamy and easy to spoon out? I ask because I tried their chocolate almond butter. I liked it but after awhile it was more difficult to spoon out and spread.

I like Trader Jo’s peanut butter but don’t go there often.



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Yup this happens. I’ve had the flavor with honey. I find it very typical of natural PB; meaning that you need to stir it very well each time to incorporate the oil. In my experience it does get a bit dry towards the end/bottom of the jar. It doesn’t bother me, it’s a side effect of non-homogenized oils (to me it’s worth it for natural PB).


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Natural Peanut Butter

Try putting the lid on tight and turning the jar upside down every other time when you store it. It may keep the natural oil dispersed.

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Natural PB tips
Mix with hand mixer using just one of the beaters.
When you get to the bottom of the jar, don’t refrigerate. It doesn’t have to be refrigerated, the reason for refrigeration is to keep the oil from separating after mixing. So if it’s getting hard to spread leave it out of the fridge.

I have never tried that particular brand.


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Justin’s peanut butter

I e only used the packets while traveling and it was messy.

But….they have chocolate almond butter??????? I’m on my way.

I assume you just eat it with a spoon,right?


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Keltikmom - did you get the chocolate almond one? It’s not found many places. Also, it gets hard after awhile and difficult to spread or scoop out. I saw it only once in the grocery store and then I bought it on Amazon. $10 so it’s pricy!

Not as tasty as other chocolate spreads IMO, but it’s healthier.