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K assessment, or other tips?



Hi! I am a new teacher, and have just accepted a maternity leave position in kindergarten. I have been in a lot of kindergarten classrooms and know different routines well, etc. I will have the opportunity to observe this class for a week before taking over. What I feel I am lacking is assessment skills. Beyond recognition tests, and observation, what else do you use to mark kinders? Our K report cards have no marks, just comments, but those comments need to be based on something!!



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kindergarten assessments

At the end of each quarter, children do an independent writing sample. They are given a blank piece of paper with lines and are instructed to draw a picture and write about it. For this writing, they are given no help even if they request it. It's amazing to see the progress from beginning to end of the school year.

You can show them sight words to see how many they recognize.

There are running records that you can do on children, allows you to see what level they are reading on.

Our county has a phonemic awareness checklist that's completed for each students.

Hope this helps!



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Our district has a end of quarter benchmark. I give the test but do not hold too much in what can be done. For expample it is a 10-20 item test. If a child misses more than three points he/she is referred for "intervention". The skills tested are in random order and not all have been taught or are appropriate to teach kindergarteners. I have a child who can add four digit numbers in his head but could not give me the name of a nickel, the value of a dime, or give me a reason why he sorted the shapes the way he did.
Another child only missed a point on writing yet cannot give me all the names of letters. I am concerned about the way tests are so definitive.
I also have a developmental screening and often take samples from student work for assessment of reprot cards.
As a grade level we decided to set a ruberic for end of quarter work. Each classroom should idealy give alike grades for alike work. Our district went to a very formal report card. Parents have not complained yet even the two parents whose children did not pass the semester.
I feel that if you are very open with parents and communicate often then they have a harder time getting to you.


quarter checklist

Each quarter we make a checklist based on what is required for their report cards. I have checklists already made if you would like to see them. Just e-mail me at clstroup@hotmail.com. Some things that are covered are: book and print awareness, phonemic awareness - can identify initial and ending sounds, retell, count to ___,etc... We give them + or -. The parts are broken up so that when it comes time to check their report cards it is EASY.