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K-Crew's Buzz Book $5 today only


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The K crew is having a Friday sale. Their Buzz Book, normally $50 is $5 today only!!!

Here's how to get it - go to thekcrew dot net. Click on Buzz Book if you want to see what it is all about. Then click on bookstore and select the E-Version of the book and add to your cart. Use code 5FRIDAY to bring the cost down to $5. They will send you an email with the link to the unit which opens in adobe. It is 473 pages!!!!

What else is so great??? They give you 50 points to use!! You can pick out another ebook for free using your points!!!

Hope someone is as excited as I am over this!!!


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I want to order this and another one. I forgot about the $5 Fridays. I have never ordered anything from them but have wanted to. I am excited to check it out!

Texas ice-mom

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I use the buzz book in my K class. when your write the buzz activity on chart paper make sure and laminate it before you use it. that way you can reuse it year after year. During our end of year cleaning day, I have a couple of kids clean them with a magic erase sponge so they are all ready to use the next year.


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Love this idea. Just a question about something I saw on their site though. The thing that looks like a scanner label? It says something about a QR code. What do you use to scan it and what does it do? I'm seeing this more and more but not sure what it does. Thanks!


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Buzz Book

Thanks SOOOO much for sharing!!!! I've looked at this before, but would never be able to pay full price for it....$5 is a steal!!!

Thanks again!

PS....can you tell that I'm as excited as you were ;)


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KCrew Buzz Book

Hi all,

I am having a difficult time ordering the buzz book. I get to the ordering page. I click on add to the cart and it wont click to the ordering cart page. Has anyone ordered it this evening? I want to order it. I can't even send an e-mail to the Kcrew explaining this. Any ideas? Thanks so much.


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Not sure if it is too late but put the friday $5 deal in your cart first and apply the discount. Then add whatever else you may want to buy. Watch the time so it doesn't end before you order it! Try going to their facebook page and following that link. Good luck!
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buzz book

I ordered it. You have to get to the page where you actually put your name, etc. and then the code 5FRIDAY. it puts the price down to $5.


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Thanks for spreading the word. I love it! I would never have been able to pay full price so THANK YOU!


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The Buzz Book

I have wanted the Buzz Book since it was first put out on their website. But, I kept putting it off. I had to have it when it went for $5.00. Unfortunately I had to wait to download until today, because we have dial-up. So, I am at my daughter's and I just
completed the download. I am so jazzed!!!! I will be printing it at school this week for future use.