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K Cups for Keurig



At what store can you find the greatest variety? Walmart was down to Hot Apple Cider and Pumpkin Spice. That is not what I was looking for!


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I order mine from Bigcatcoffee.com

They have a big selection and you can mix and match flavors to make a variety pack of what you want to try.

I find them to be reasonably priced too.


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I get mine from Amazon. However, department stores like JC Penney's, Macy's, and Kohl's all have quite a variety.

I've found the "discount" stores like Walmart and Target are hit and miss.


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Bed Bath and Beyond

has a great variety. As as added bonus you can use the coupons they send for 20 percent off. Best deal we can find!


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Dunkin Donuts

sells their coffee in the cups and we noticed today that our grocery has a number of flavors of coffee and tea.


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Bed Bath and Beyond

I second the BBB post. They have the largest selection outside of an online store. I have gotten some at HomeGoods before for a very good price. Not a lot to choose from but super cheap!


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Was just at Bed Bath and Beyond today and their selection is great. They have tons of new Starbucks flavors and had some great seasonal ones like pumpkin spice, white chocolate mint, and mudslide.


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I also suggest bed bath and beyond. We got the hot apple cider, hot cocoa, two types of coffee and a decaf tea on sale a few weeks ago. It also helped that we had a coupon.

Sasha B

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While they don't have a lot of variety, Costco usually has a great price.

I have also used bigcatcoffees.com to buy variety packs. It is nice to buy just a few of different flavors. If you don't like them then it is not a waste.