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Kagan Cooperative Learning


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Does anybody use Kagan structures? I have recently discovered Kagan cooperative learning and I love it! I've been to two workshops so far, and the more I find out about it, the more excited I get. My principal and I are trying to find a good way to share the cooperative learning structures with our staff without overwhelming people with "something new". Any ideas? Any favorite structures?


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Love Kagan Too!

I’ve taught school for thirty years and think Kagan is the best thing since sliced bread! It’s taken two workshops and some practice to feel comfortable with some of the structures. This year we had a study group at our school. The teachers who had taken Kagan workshops met weekly after school with teachers who were interested in learning more about it. Each week one of us would introduce a structure to the group. We would all try it during the week and report back to the group the next week. We did this for three months. It really worked well for me because I tried some structures that I hadn’t tried before and also reviewed structures. It wasn’t too much work for any one teacher since we all took turns presenting. The meetings didn’t take more that 30 minutes and since we had treats :) most members came. We even tried some of the Silly Games and Goofy Sports.

I teach second grade and like using Numbered Heads Together, Hand Up Pair Up, Round Table, Simultaneous Round Table, and Find Someone Who. There are many others I like using. We work our kids so hard, the Kagan structures make learning fun and keep the kids on task. I can’t say enough good things about Kagan!