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Kick me sign


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I think I have a kick me sign on my forehead. Every year of teaching, there is always one staff member that feels the need to verbally be rude to me. I am a friendly person that gets along with pretty much anyone, but I guess I don't stick up for myself well. The first year I worked at my district my boss would verbally degrade me in front of other staff members. I almost quit, but stuck it out. Now we get along very well. (This was three years ago). As a resource teacher, I service a student in a second grade classroom. The teacher makes rude comments to me. One example is when I asked if I could pull the student, she rudely said "Can't you see she's testing?". I was so dumbfounded I just said "I only was asking". Another example is when I came to work with her, she took over my area I normally worked in and told me to sit on the floor in a rude tone. I told her that I was not comfortable with that, and ended up sitting at the student's desk. Does anyone else deal with this? It must be my personality because this happens almost every year with a different person. I would stick up for myself, but don't want to be known as "doesn't get along well with others", and I'm afraid once the words start flowing from my mouth I may not be able to hold back! Also, I'm not tenured yet and she is. Any advice appreciated.


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What a complete you know what!!! Very rude, and completely disrespectful treatment. How I would welcome someone like you in my classroom to help a student in need. She should not take that tone with you, and yes, you do need to stick up for yourself and you did that by sitting at the students desk and not the floor. What is her problem??? I totally can't stand ugly, negative teachers. What ever her problem is, she needs to get an attitude adjustment or get out if she's so miserable.
Please know that you are important to that child and have an important role in that room. Keep your chin up, keep your cheerful way, and doing what you do best. It will only eat her up, but hopefully it will decrease her negativity. Hang in there.



That teacher was way out of line. I know how you feel. I'm not a new teacher but new to the district. I recently had a teacher email me about one of my students. She said that he lost his Spelling take home list-which I provide. I replied that he needed to look for it more or just copy his 10 words on a piece of paper. She replied, went baslistic, hunted down my mentor and the principal. She emailed back to me-an experienced 15 years teacher-some suggestions on what to do. I couldn't believe she made a big deal over nothing.
Some teachers need to put down others in order to make themselves feel more superior. They must have low self-esteem to treat a fellow teacher so rudely. I liken it to being a bully. Unfortunately, if you don't have tenure yet you feel like you can't make waves. You have to get along with these difficult teachers as best you can. I will have it next year if I survive. Just try not to take it personally. It is a character flaw of theirs-not yours. We lead by example. This teacher is being a terrible example for her class. Degrading you in front of others is a sign of someone on a power trip. Try to avoid, ignore and not stoop to their level. You don't have a kick me sign. You are just acting professional and treating others with respect. Keep up your good work. When you do get tenure, let her know how you feel if it continues. Try to remember you are there for the kids-not to please her. Your comment was perfect-not comfortable. Keep making professional comments back and prepare yourself for more. Maybe making a list of appropriate comments ahead of time would be helpful.

I hear you

am still there

I have been putting up with this for 2 years. Every day I am dismissed, talked down to, and this person barges into my room without knocking, demands my resources when I am in the middle of a lesson, even takes stuff I am using when I am right in the middle of using it.


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Plan ahead

I too used to be a spec. ed teacher---and would get the same treatment. Actually, it was from certain teachers that did it to everyone....bullies! Gosh, we won't accept it from kids but yet we accept it quietly from staff? Plan ahead. What would you say in the right place if you had the chance? You'll get it, trust me. Then, let them know in no uncertain terms that you will not tolerate their bully mentality. It is unprofessional. Tell them you don't tolerate it from the kids and you certainly won't tolerate it from a so called professional. Turn, (ahhh laaa Love and Logic) and walk away.

Once these staff bullies see they can----they do. It won't get better until you stand up for yourself. :)