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Kiddo Hates School...Sometimes

Classroom Management 


New Member
Okay, I need some ideas please...

Some background information for everyone...I am a K-8 teacher with 16 students spread over 9 grade levels.

I have two Kindergarten students this year and one of them does not like coming to school...sometimes. Some days this student comes down to the school very willingly and is actively engaged and other times their parent (either Mom or Dad) has to carry them down to school as said child is kicking and screaming. The student will then sit all morning (this has only happened in the morning so far) and do nothing. However, the student is then totally fine in the afternoon and works like a trooper.

Is this a maturity issue? Any ideas about how to get this student to want to come down to school willingly without possibly causing other issues?


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First thing…have you had an intensive conversation with parents? What goes on in the morning or prior evening? They need to come clean.

Then, it sounds like it might be separation anxiety and child just needs extra time to adjust. Hopefully, child will become more comfortable in a few weeks. First semester of kinder is rough.