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kids books for parents


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Hi! I'm moving to a school in a very deprieved neighborhood and to get parents to help their kids read, and to read themselves, I'd like to start a book group, for adults. We'd meet once every other week, with coffee and cake, and discuss books. Some might not be good readers so I'd like to give them some confidence by starting with the best kids' books, you know, those you still remember after all these years, the ones that really touched you... Maybe some about reading, but not only.
Any suggestions?


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Iqbal (don't be turned off by the title) It is a boy's name. He is a slave to the carpet trade. His name is pronounced Ick ball.

Homeless Bird - story of a girl in India, forced to marry and live a difficult life.

City of Ember (fun, sci fi) easy read. A city of people locked in a cave below ground. It is the only world they know. The supplies begin to run out and they need to find a way out. If it is popular you can move on to People of Sparks. This can lead to really interesting discussions about human nature.