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Kids calling you a bad name


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under their breath. Eighth graders. It happened for the first time the other day. It took 4 months for a kid to do this. Is this normal? I referred the kid, etc., but just wondering.

c green

It does happen

My class is ESL, so they tend to do it in their L1, though. ;)

One of my coworkers teaches eighth grade English, and apparently last year she had several kids who would say really out of line things to her. That was also the year she had to take some time off midyear because the stress was intolerable--and she is a very experienced teacher. This year has been better for her. When someone asked how she was doing at a meeting, she told us very brightly, "Well, no one has told me to **** myself yet this year!"

If it's a one-time thing, I would do what you did--refer the kid, and forget about it. If they keep it up...well, different problem.


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8th Grade? Yup! Normal! But i am glad you referred him. Not for one minute can he or his classmates think that this is acceptable behavior.


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I have had kids call me a b**** under their breath. I promptly send them to the office with a referral. I think it's normal for 8th grade. In fact, I remember being in 8th grade and calling my mom that!


bad names

Once, I had a kid call me a "white b***"

I replied, "You are CORRECT. I'm the biggest white b*** you will ever know.."

His reply..."DANG!!!!! I can't BULEEVE you SAID THAT!"

He never did it again.

Right back atcha, dude!