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Kids say the darndest things...

Classroom Management 

apple annie

Senior Member
The other day I wore sandals to school.

One of my fifth graders pipes up with,"Your bunion is getting worse."

I was like WTH??

How long have you been watching my feet, weirdo? LOLLOLLOL


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I'm shocked a 5th grader even knows what a bunion is!

I have a student who is obsessed with my clothes. I wore a dress the other day and she told me "That's the same dress that you wore on the 1st day of school." I don't even remember what I wore the day before, but she can remember what I wore in August.


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Kids say darnedest things

Oh, they notice all right. And the younger they are, the more the notice. Ask any kinder teacher.


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I have a sweater I don’t particularly care for, but 1st graders think it is the most amazing sweater. I have had a class ask me to wear it next time I come to their class.


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Our Year 6 girls regularly critique our dress sense, and decide who is the best dresser (never me, I'm old, overweight, and dress for comfort).