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Kind of odd question

Gina TX

Senior Member
Does anyone know a good way to clean the erasers for the white board? I use mine A LOT and in 6 weeks I have gunked up 3 erasers to the point where I can't even use them on the board. They just smear stuff everywhere. I cleaned the board before I left today and went to Office Depot and bought a new eraser that has the disposable things so when they get too dirty you throw them out. Surely there has to be a better way?

Miss C

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handheld vacuum

Seriously. Use an attachment on a handheld vacuum cleaner to suck the gunk out at the end of each week. The eraser should last all year. Hope this helps! :)


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I just use windex and paper towel when I want to clean my boards in the morning. The eraser really doesn't clean to my satisfaction. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are also great. I have an old white board now that doesn't clean that great. Mr. Clean and his Erasers help a lot. I swear by them.

Gina TX

Senior Member

I will clean the eraser with the vacume :) and I have windex wipes and I even happen to have a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser here at home. Never would have thought of using it on the board.

Thanks so much.


Ima Teacher

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Instead of erasers for the white board, I use bar towels. I get 15 of them in a pack at Wal-Mart and cut them in half. They work great and I just toss them in the washer and bleach them to get them good as new!


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I wash my erasers with dishsoap and water every Friday. I also clean the white boards with White Board Cleaner and paper towels. Also wipe off the ledge. Then I lay the wipers upside down on the ledge and they are dry and ready to go on Monday morning.


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Can I hire ya'll?

The posters on this board really impress me. While my room is no pigsty, I have a hard time cleaning my classroom after all of the planning and meetings, etc. I’m inspired to scrub those boards tomorrow. (The things that motivate me!) I’ll be armed with my Magic Eraser or maybe I could just hire ya'll to clean! :)


Junior Member
Wash them?

Mine can just be washed with soap and water. They look sort of like old-fashioned black board erasers, but the part that does the actual cleaning is some sort of fuzzy synthetic material. I squirt some soap on and wash them gently under warm running water. They never look new and white again, but they are clean enough to do their job on the white boards. These are the standard erasers bought by the school - nothing special.


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Same here! I just use hand soap and water every Friday afternoon. Then I let them sit on a paper towel over the weekend to dry. On Monday morning they are ready for another week.


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I used an eraser for years, but didn't like how gross and dirty it got. It didn't clean the board anymore. I find using paper towels and cheap dollar store spray keeps my board looking fresh all the time. I use the same paper towel for a long period of time (at least all day). I am a cheapskate about paper towels since I buy most of them! I like the Bounty brand that comes in small tear-off sizes. I also have dry erase slates. I cut the paper towels in two for group work on the slates.

Gina TX

Senior Member
You guys

are great! I tried the magic eraser today, since I already had some. It worked great and it hardly used any of it up. I'm starting to wonder if something is wrong with my board. My erasers don't just have dusty stuff, they are really gunked up and I've only had them 6 weeks! That's using 3 different ones. Maybe my markers are old? Anyway, I used a cleaning wipe that the kids had to bring to school yesterday and that helped a lot. Then I noticed today at the end of the day that even though I had erased everything, I could still see it on the board. Drives me nuts. So that's when I broke out the magic eraser and it was gone in a heart beat. I felt silly asking this question, but I am really glad I did. You guys are great. Thanks.


clean boards

What are the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers (wipes, erasers?)?
Where do you find them?

Also, what tips do you have for extending the life of the markers? Mine seem to have a very short "bright" life.


New Member
Yellow dusting cloths

are the answer. All my kids have to use one at their desks. So I went to the dollar store and bought enough for everyone and myself. When they start looking nasty, I take them home to wash them. Sometimes I use bleach. I have had them for 2 years and still going strong:)


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Kids white boards

For the kids individual white boards at their desk, they keep their marker in a sock that they use to erase. Socks are on our supply list for this reason!