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Kindergarten Centers



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If you could get manipulatives to make centers for Kindergarten, what would you get? I already have enough blocks, legos, puzzles and toys. I need things to make reading and math centers.


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Letter & number beads, stamps, magnets, tiles, cards, etc.
Clothespins - write letters & numbers on them, and use to clip the correct number of pins onto a number card
Props for story retelling
Dice of all kinds
Games - sequence, memory, shut the box, zingo, card games, etc.
Math manipulatives - unifix cubes, different counters, pattern blocks, collections of small objects, dominos
Stickers for writing sticker stories
Clipboards for write the room
Blank books (make them, not buy them)
Playdough number and letter stampers
Decodable books


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Kinder manipulatives

My list is pretty much what Kangas wrote.

Fun Pointers and crazy oversized glasses for reading the room. I had fly shatters with a square cut out of the middle, wands, pointing finger sticks, and all sorts of thing on sticks.
Geoboards with rubber bands

One thing my kinders LOVED was “the art box”. I had a big gray busboy tub and would put left over construction paper, bits and pieces from art projects, stickers, anything that they could use to make something fun.
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I agree with the centers already suggested. I’ll add:

- lacing boards & practice shoelace tying

You can make some (inexpensive) with cardboard, a hole-punch, and yarn


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magnetic letters . . . if you have magnetic doors you might not need cookie sheets or magnetic dry erase boards . They loved using the doors or back of a teachers desk.