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Kindergarten Grades?



How do you take "grades" in kindergarten...so far I have been using work sampling, checklists and rubrics...


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State Benchamrks and NCLB Record keeping

This is something new we have started this year...

At my school, we must have a notebook with each state benckmark on a divider tab, behind each divder tab we must provide a sheet of paper "my test" showing that we tested the benchmark and the child mastered the skill at 75%.

If it is a benchmark that is observed, "holds book the right way" I must make a copy of the book cover and keep a list of the children that have mastered the skill.

If a child does not master it the first time, then I als must provide an extra practice proof and retest sheet.

Everything must be dated and available at all times.

We have just finished out first nine weeks notebook - it was a nightmare, but I can readily prove if a child can do the work or not. We have complained about to much paper pencil work in Kindergarten, and our children aren't ready, but in the larger scope...I will no longer need to wonder, is this child really on task or not. It is easiest to pull out and show to mom's this is what your child cannot do.