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Kindergarten Rodeo Ideas



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Hi, everyone! My team is planning on doing a Kindergarten Rodeo at the end of the school year as a fun day. But, we are in need of some ideas. We are planning on doing this outside. Does anyone have any suggestions of activities our kids might enjoy?


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A wonderful now-retired Kindergarten teacher came up with the best games every year and I'm sure she wouldn't mind me sharing this one with you.

Rodeo Relay

4 horses made with cardboard heads attached to the back of a chair and a box upside down on the seat of the chair. Attaching a tail to the back of the box makes it look more like a horse.
4 felt pens
4 bedrolls (blankets or towels)
4 vests
hoops to mark the "events" (instructions to follow)

Place the hoops fairly far apart. Put a vest in one hoop, the horse in the next hoop and the bedroll at the end. Make 4 sets.

Divide the class into 4 teams. The first child from each team runs to the vest, puts it on, runs to the horse and scribbles his/her initials on the horse, runs to the towel, rolls up in it and "goes to sleep" by counting backwards from 10--the rule is that they have to close their eyes. When he/she "wakes up" at zero, he/she runs back to the horse, pats in on the bum, runs to the vest place to take off the vest and then runs to the next child in the line. The next child runs the race until all children have run it.

Does this make sense? It was a REALLY fun race and the hit of the Games Day.

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I did this once

I did a rodeo theme for my son's fifth birthday party last summer. It was a lot of fun. Some of the games we played were,

Barrell racing-three cones in place of the barrells. The children used a stick horse to run the pattern as I timed each one. The fastest time won.

Bull Riding-I had about five older boys be the bulls, the kids each got on the backs of each of the big boys. They began bucking at the same time. Whoever stayed on the longest won.

We also played horse, horse, bull instead of duck, duck, goose. This was also a hit.

I hope these help.


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Make hobby horses - then barrel race around three buckets - also made large pic of bull and put on small box - had children ride their horse while holding a hula hoop (lasso) and had to lasso the bull, they then picked up their hoop to pass on to next player - we did this as a relay type race - it was a lot of fun!
At end of day, we had a 'stampede' - blew up tons of balloons, moved all the desks to one side of room, let the girls get about 5-10 sec head start and yelled 'stampede' - they had to stomp on all the balloons - they were told ahead of time that at end all balloon pieces had to be picked up and they did just that!!


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Rodeo time!!!!!!!!

We had our students and parents make a horse at home. We started our day with a fake campfire and sang songs, did barrel racining with traffic cones, calf roping we had a practice head stuck in a bale of hay they sat on a saddle that was maybe 3 ft away on a hay bale and they roped with hoops, we did partner pickup where one member gallops down on his horse and his partner hops on and they return, sometimes we had a clown, and somtimes we did a class chili cook off contest between the classes. This was one of the funnest activities we ever did. The parents loved it. I hope you have FUN!!!!!!


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Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thank you so much for all of the ideas. They are all awesome! I can't wait to share them with my kindergarten team and implement them at school. I hope everyone has a wonderful Spring semester!


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My favorite

I love the idea with the vest for the relay. This is my favorite event. We have a Kindergarten rodeo every year and we have the kids make belt buckles (poster board wrapped in foil and use crayon melter to decorate, tie on with yarn) we have made paper chaps and cuffs that the kids fringe, they make muslin bandannas (well, they actually decorate them with a brand that they design). Then we carry in the American flag and our state flag and play the national anthem for the grand entry. Then the two classes have a relay race where they put on a cowboy shirt, hat, and large boots and run pushing a small wheelbarrow. Then we have stations set up that they can go to with their parents and we have older students man the stations. We have tractor races with pedal tractors, money dig in hay, branding (a laminated poster of a bull-they are blindfolded and spun around, then they get a sponge dipped in paint and try to brand- like pin the tail on the donkey, wet wipes take off the paint after each child), sheep sheering- a laminated poster with a small amount of shaving cream and a toy razor, wild cow milking- a wooden cow that they milk water from an attached bottle into a jar, barrel racing with stick horses, bull riding with large bouncy balls that have handles (not sure what they are called), steer roping- a metal steer roping practice calf, they sit on a saddle on a hay bale in front of it and rope it with hula hoops, boot bean bag toss- they try to hit the boot with the beanbag, wild bronc riding- we have a horse tire swing that we tie to the football goalpost and the teachers give wild rides (it is the favorite, but exhausting). The kids wear a rodeo type paper on their back (like a cowboys rodeo number) except ours list all of the events so the parents know where they have been and still need to go. We end the time with a square dance. It is the most fun event that we do and more parents come to it than go on our field trips. Good luck!