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kindergarten teachers - this is for you!



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So very true! Thanks for posting! :) I really did need a laugh today! :)

This was the first full week of school for us -- I am exhausted. More challenges this year than any other in my career. I about cried 5 different times today -- how do I reach them all? The screamers, runners, undiagnosed issues -- I don't have enough hands or brain cells to keep it all straight. I got my lunch break one time this week.

I tell myself it will get better -- it has to -- but after over 15 years in early childhood education/kindergarten -- I am seriously thinking of hanging it up...


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happened to me

Oh my goodness!! This happened to me on Thursday! I left my blinds pulled all the way up and parents followed me to the classroom. I told them to say your good-byes at the door. I closed the door and was getting the kids settled when all of a sudden, I look up and there at the window are 4-5 parents peering in to the classroom with their faces pushed up to the window like stalkers! I wanted to close the blinds on them, but I thought that would be too rude. I wished that I had taken a picture because it looked so comical!LOL<!--girl1-->