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"Kokopelli" Question



My class (5th Grade) is studying the Hopi tribe. I found a great "overlay" jewelry (shrinky dink) activity. It is of the flute playing Kokopelli symbol. Everything I am reading about him points him as the god of fertility and he often slept with the young virgin women of the villages and impregnated them. Is there a negative conotation with this symbol? Obviously I wouldn't go into that part of it. I just always have seen this Kokopelli as a popular Native American Symbol. Thanks for your thoughts.


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I knew he was a fertility god but I didn't know the sleeping with virgins part. I would just brush over the meaning of it and tell them he was good luck for women wanting to have children. I would also talk to an administrator just to double check, and to cya if a parent does call he/she is aware of what you are doing.