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Lab Work



To all science teachers out there:

How important is lab work to your class?

How much does it count towards your students grades? (For me its 25%)

How do you grade the labs?


Lab grades

I use the term "lab" loosely. Almost anything hands-on counts as a lab for me; not just wet labs. Anything that incudes a predictin or hypothesis, collecting some type of data or making a graph does too.

We do [my definition] of labs 2 - 3 days a week on average.

Labs are 40% of the total grade.

I grade each kind of lab differently. Quick labs that only a take a day and are not particularly involved are just one holistic/overall grade.

More complex labs have several grades - one grade for each part: prediction/hypothesis, data, data analysis, graph, conclusion. If I have the kids design the lab, then I grade for materials and procedures also.

One assignment may have 5 -6 different grades. My reasoning is that each part of the lab emphasizes a different skill, so each skill should be assesses and evaluated separately.