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lame-o weekend/week


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i just have to whine...i'm spending the entire weekend taking a class (dates set up with no input from me). friday 5-10--so i missed one of my kid's baseball games and only saw one kid for 5 minutes when i got home. (he SHOULD have been asleep!)

both kids went to my mom's today because i had class 8-5...i thought i'd get to see them, but apparently my mom thought she could just skip town with them until 7:00! they are going over to my mother-in-law's house to spend the night because i have class again tomorrow (yes! on mother's day!) from 8-5, and since my husband has to be at work by 6, it's easier if she takes them tonight.

since my mom is taking her time bringing them home, my boys will be here for about 2 minutes of time with me before their other grandmother picks them up.

and...my insensitive husband decided that it would be wise to ask if he could go to the horse races tonight, so he's gone, too. tomorrow he'll be out of commision for quite a while since he runs a restaurant and they do a big mother's day brunch.

and...my birthday is thursday, and both boys have baseball games (different teams/fields, of course), so that day won't be about me either.

i'm just feeling really neglected right now and disappointed--thanks for letting me vent!


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look on the bright side!

Think how lucky you are to have such a support system. I live across the country from my mom and mother-in-law, so in your situation I would have to depend on friends and neighbors. I think you are lucky-- not neglected!


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Here's my weekend

My mother passed away January 31. Daddy called last night to tell me her headstone was delivered yesterday. Uplifting. My husband has a new job that takes him away for long hours at odd times. He left last night at 10:45, just as I was going to bed. This morning he called about 9:15, asked if the boys were up yet(of course not), and said good--he'd get to be the first to wish me Happy Mother's Day. My younger son came stumbling in about 20 minutes later on his way to shower before going to work at a local restaurant. I had to TELL him that it was Mother's Day. He just grunted and went on. Went to church alone. They gave carnations to the mothers. Mine was wilted. Came home and got the older son who hadn't arisen in time for church. Took HIM out to eat--he just graduated college last week, has no job and no money. He did wish me Happy Mother's Day and said that his fiancee has bought me a card and a gift, but I'll have to get it later because she lives an hour away. my husband just called to say he's finally on his way home from work. He's stopping at the grocery to get what HE wants to fix for dinner and he really doesn't care whether any of the rest of us want it or not--he's tired and hungry.
oh yeah, younger son and two of his buddies came in when he got off work at 3. I got hugs and kisses from all 3 guys. That was sweet. Then the buddies told how they took their mom, aunt and older sister out to lunch. They paid.

So, it hasn't been a grand day for me.


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I hope you got through that dismal weekend. Go ahead and wallow in your feelings for a while then let it go.

It sounds like you have a blessed life: you seem to enjoy your career and are very creative (judging from other posts). You have a healthy active family. Chasing my kids' baseball/teeball games keeps me jumping too, but I try to be thankful that they are learning to play ball and are active and we are all out of the house for a while and away from TV, computer, etc. You are also blessed to have parents available and willing to help you out when you need kid supervision. I honestly don't have that access to my parents and they aren't really excited about babysitting anyway.

It's Sunday night now and I know that awful class is over. I hope it wasn't a complete waste of time. Summer is coming and maybe you can talk to your husband about maybe having a delayed mother's day/birthday next Saturday.


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thanks, fun friend

i do know that we are extremely lucky to have both our parents in town and loving to be grandparents and be willing to help out any time. (but i do reserve the right to wallow in self-pity, no matter how trivial others may think my problems are.)

yesterday was really low (is it silly to think that mother's day should be all about me?) i ended up only getting to see my kids for 1/2 an hour yesterday. i was pretty devastated--and annoyed with my husband for being such a giant doofus. next year i may become that mother from Malcolm in the Middle--she just told the family what she expected: where, when, how... (ha ha)

my class was actually excellent and really fun! (all day today i kept singing the songs we learned and dancing the dances) so that part wasn't a total washout.

so i'm pretty much done wallowing....now if i could get these 100 papers graded, entered in, and be ready to send progress reports tomorrow....(won't happen with me jabbering on here!)