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Laminator Deal



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Sent me a coupon book like they do every month and in there is $10.00 of the laminator with the purchase of a pack of refills. Last time I was there, the laminator was $21.99 and the refill pack are/were $5.99 or $6.99 I think. Great deal!

I have already so if anyone sees this and would like me to send it their way, I'd be happy to stick it in an envelope and pass along some very merry laminating cheer :D<!--christmastree-->. Just let me know!



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I got mine for around $25 at Walmart. I LOVE it!

Check out laminator.com for laminating pouches. My teammie and I just bought 300 pouches for $50. I've already gone through half of my share. I'm making math games like crazy!!!! This lamination is heaver than what we have on the big roll on the school machine so makes great cards and games that will last a long time!



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I was so tempted

when I saw this last night and really thought about it but I spend so much on school already. If they'd just get the one at school adjusted properly... so I draw the line at buying a personal laminator.

Thanks for posting. It was a great deal and I'll probably regret not getting one.