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landing a gig in Alabama



Hubby just got a job in Birmingham. I know there are too
many schools to name in the area. I would love to get a
job in one of the suburbs. I am a National Board
Certified Teacher with 12 years K-5. I have not had
to "look for a job" since I started teaching, although I
have taught at 3 schools. I was called and offered these
jobs and never left with burnt bridges.

Anyway, how do I do a mass and successful hunt for a
teaching job. I do not want to sub. I respect anyone who
can sub (like bus driving), I can't imagine a more
challengin job (and I'd be afaid..very afraid).

What is the best approach for finding a job either NOW or
August? Apply to central office, contact schools,..? HOw
can I go about getting lists of schools and principals
(when there are so many)?


Job Hunting

I had to relocate this past summer, so I know it can be overwhelming to think of everything that needs to be done. Here's what I did:

- Went to district web site and found schools I wanted to teach in. Applied with the district.
- Sent packet of information to specific principals where I wanted to work, including private schools. My packet contained a cover letter, reference letters, application (if I had one), resume, and electronic portfolio (on CD-ROM).
- Emailed principals to see if they got my packet.
- It's a good idea to actually go to schools where you want to teach, but if you're long distance that can be hard. The same applies to job fairs.
- I would start now, although there are more openings in the spring/summer.


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Start searching now...

I live about 2 hours north of Birmingham. How fast you get a job is probably going to depend on the school district. In my area, you pretty much have to substitute and build a good reputation in the schools before you'll even get an interview. The job market in my area is very competitive. In Birmingham, I'm sure Mountain Brook, Vestavia, and Hoover are going to have very competitive job markets because they rank among the top school districts in the state of Alabama (as my system does). However, if you're not very picky, I'm sure you'll get a job pretty fast because of your educational background and experience. Good luck!!


To Bamagirl

Can you tell me these districts where I can get a job. I am not picky (at least the first few years). I currently teach in a school that is low income, 100% minority, and all that comes with those things. I have taught in every environment, so I can go with the flow.


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I'm 2 hours north of Birmingham, so I'm not real familiar with all the school districts in that area. I mainly read/hear about the districts who score well on standardized tests. I would definitely check out the website Phoebe listed. You'll want to look at Birmingham City Schools and Jefferson County Schools. Good luck on your search, and keep us posted!