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Lasers and Optics Projects


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Does anyone have any great ideas for Laser and Optic projects I could do with my 4th - 6th grade students? We recently had a physicist talk to them and do some demos, and I'd like to do some follow-up projects.



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Here are some places to see lasers in use:

checkout scanners
planetarium laser light show
laser pointer pens

You could use a laser pointer pen and mirrors to show how light can be bent. Compare flashlight to laser light to show light scattering vs. attenuation.

Be sure to visit these web sites:

http://spaceplace.nasa.gov/en/educators/teachers_page2.shtml Taking Light Apart (you can modify this for your students)



http://www.mos.org/doc/1783 videos to purchase. as well as free resources (virtual tour of scanning electron microscope)

You may find something here to spark your interest if you can't use these suggestions. Good luck!