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last days



Does anyone have some fun yet quiet types of activities for the last week of school? Lately, for obvious reasons, the kids haven't been working well with each other!! I would like to do some things where they work alone and then can get with a partner or group. Thanks for your help!


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Kagan Cooperative Learning has some great strategies for kids working wtih one another check kaganonline.com and see what you can find.

I always do an end of the year packet/booklet. Unfortunately, most of my things are reproducibles for other teachers and I don't have it on the pc. Here is what I have.
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Give them each a different list of vocabulary words and some note cards. Have them write the word on one card and the definition on another card. When they are finished the can get in groups and play "GO FISH." See who can get the most matches. Then you can change up groups so they can review all of the words. The kids love it and its a great review.