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Launching order of Daily's

Reading | Literature 


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Hi all,

So I know the sisters recommend the following launching order:

1. Read to Self
2. Work on Writing
3. Read to Someone
4. Word Work
5. Listen to Reading

I am teaching 3rd grade, and I want the students to do Write About Reading instead of Work on Writing. However, I don't want to launch Write About Reading second. Has anyone else changed the order they launched the dailys? What worked for you? Last year I had 2nd graders, and I tried to launch Word Work second, and it didn't go very well. So I was thinking about maybe launching another reading one. Thoughts??


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My thought is to do:
1. read to self
2. read to someone
3. listen to reading
4. respond to reading (we are not doing work on writing)
5. word work

I teach 3rd.


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aside from proper care and use of listening materials, you will not need to work hard on the stamina for listen to reading. once my kids are settled and listening to reading, they will stay there forever. this might be an option for you.


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Thanks. I'm not sure what Listen to Reading is going to look like this year (we use to have a laptop cart, but now I only have 4 computers in my room). While this will be fine once we're up and running, it's not ideal for launching. Perhaps I'll do Read to Someone second, and show them Listen to Reading. These kids will all have had D5 last year, so it won't be totally unfamiliar to them (whether that means I can move faster or not is yet to be seen, but at least the terminology should be something they've seen before!)