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Laundry Quetion



I had to sign out for this one because I am completely embarrassed.

Last year I was having a major sweating issue. I would come home and my armpits would have HUGE stains of sweat. SO SO EMBARRASSING!!

I have since got on medication for the sweating so it is not as bad. My question is, my clothes from last year still smell around the armpits a little. I don't want to have to throw all of those shirts away! Any idea on how to get those strong smells out of clothes? Is there a way or am I out of luck??

Thanks for any advice/suggestions!!


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I've always heard to put baking soda in your wash. I have tried that with clothes that were left in the washing machine too long and got that "musty" smell. It took that out.


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The baking soda PP mentioned is a good idea. Also try plain white vinegar. I use both to wash cloth diapers, and if it can get those smells out, I'm sure it will work for you.:)


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Try this

the WAVE recipe. Sweat has proteins in it, and this recipe uses ERA liquid detergent which has enzymes to get out protein stains. It's what I use anyway.

Mix equal parts of:
ERA detergent

Apply to stains and wash in hottest water safe your clothes.