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Laura H. Where Are You?


Senior Member
Has anyone seen or heard from Laura H.? With this new board setup, it is difficult to see when a person posts, but I always found Laura's posts helpful. She also shared some great ideas and emailed me more than once with resources that she took time to create.

If you are still posting Laura H., I would love to know!!

Laura H.

New Member
I am back!!!!

Ok, so I just haven't gotten back on since the switch :) It was just one more thing I would have to learn how to do...kidding. No really, no real reason, I have just been busy, busy, busy. I moved out on my own, got a new car, life in general. BUT HAPPY NEWS... last night, got engaged, so don't think I will be on here much now either. I have been on The Knot.com all night. :) I do look occasionally though. I loved coming here and it posts as my home page still. What is everyone else up to???