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Laura - Summer School...


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Hi Laura!

I tried to e-mail you personally, but I guess I can't because I'm too new, actually not really. I was here before and just had to renew. Anyway. Thanks for your post and I replied to you on that same thread. Looking forward to sharing more ideas!


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Summer school

We started the day with journaling. Then we went to breakfast. I tried to get reading, math, and a language arts paper done before we worked on free choice. What are you thinking of a schedule. I was supposed to do O-G lessons for K and 1 but there are so many Kgn that I may need to do summer school full time.


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Laura - Summer school...

Wow, you really pack it all in! That's what I have to do. I still haven't gotten my Great Source materials yet, however, I have mapped out my schedule based on what I remember of it when I taught Great Source - Summer Success for first grade. Here are my thoughts, haven't put times to it yet, still working on that piece, the children will come from 8 - 12...


*Students arrive on the bus, and go immediately to breakfast...

*They walk to class, put their belongings away (if necessary), move their attendance bee, and complete the Daily graph (Yes/No), and then begin working on their Morning Journals.

*Then Calendar and shared reading

*Language Arts lesson

*Guided Reading groups (I will only have 15 students, so I'm hoping for 3 or 4 groups.) ***During this time, we will have 4 literacy stations, one being guided reading with me.

*Snack and recess

*Math Lesson

*Math rotations

*Closing meeting


That's just about it, the last thing that I have been working on is center ideas, I want to enjoy what is left of my summer and I don't want to break my back finding meaningful center activities. So if you know of some great literacy activities, please let me know. We will have themes and each week we will have new poem to add to our Summer Journals - BTW this will be a center activity, you know adding your poem to your journal and illustrating it! Yeah, it think that's all! :o