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Learning Centers in Library



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I've tried learning centers with all of my K-6 students and they've been hugely successful. I enjoy the fact that I can mingle and talk with my students while they're doing center work. It's structured, but at the same time more relaxed because students are exploring at their own pace. They really enjoy them and that makes for a positive atmosphere.

I'd like to do centers more often...twice a month

Or do you think it would take away the specialness of it?

I'm developing a way to do a whole research project with centers.

If you do centers in your library program, could you please share your ideas and strategies for making them work?



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I haven't been able to do centers in my library in the past, because of the schedule. I only saw students 2 days a week. This year, the schedule will allow me to do centers. I hope the centers are as successful as yours. I would like to know how your research based centers work out. It sounds like a great idea.