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Learning Focus/Shurley Grammar


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I am interviewing with a county that uses the Learning Focus approach. They also use the Shurley approach for grammar. I have a basic idea of what these are, but could anyne give me more information so that I will be prepared? Thanks!


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We use Learning Focus in our county. You have an essential question like "Where do words come from?" Then you have an activating strategy like a word splash. Then you do a graphic organizer or make something folding paper that the kids write notes on. At the same time, kids are supposed to be talking to a partner too, like think-pair-share. At the end of the lesson, you have the students do some sort of closing activity like a 3-2-1. It is an interesting way to teach, but at times class seems chaotic. Good luck with it.

Mrs. O

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Shurley is okay

I teach second grade and I guess the Shurley Method is okay. It is really repetitive and the use a specific Question and Answer flow that enables the students to classify the parts of speech and diagram sentences. Compared to the other things we do, the worksheets are very dry. I also have trouble with the fact that they do not give the students much room to write. I supplement with other things in my class. On a positive, I like the jingles they teach to go with the parts of speech for my grade level. I think when you get to higher grades the jingles are not received well by the kids.

Tip: You will definately need an overhead projector to review the papers with the students.