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Leaving a mark

Miss C

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I had a little girl in my 4th grade last year. I'll call her Jellybean. Of course, that's not her real name, but I don't like putting real names on the Internet. Anyway, her mom lived in NY, and Jellybean was being raised by an aunt (Ms. M.) here. Jellybean was a smart little girl, and she almost always led the class in grades and in behavior. Great kid. Mrs. M. found out that she had cancer near the middle of the year. I remember going to see her in the hospital right after her mastectomy. Before I left, I said, "Well, I've got to run, but it's been so nice visiting with you. Would you mind if I pray before we go?" Of course, neither she nor the family minded a bit, and as I began, the family joined in. Never have I heard such prayers being lifted! Mrs. M. got better and was finishing chemo/radiation at the beginning of the year. She was the nicest lady! I never talked to her much (maybe I said hi once a week or so when I happened to see her), and she wasn't super-involved, but I remember her vividly as one of the nicest Christian ladies I had ever met.
Fast forward to last week. I'm at a different school this year, but I left the other on really good terms, so I decided to run by to visit my teacher friends there as well as former students (our spring breaks were different weeks). Lucky for me, it's a small Christian school with only one class per grade level (in this case, one class per two grade levels, but I won't get into that), and my former students were unoccupied, so my friend (who is their teacher) let me visit for a while. The kids were happy to see me, and I was equally tickled to visit with them for a bit. You invest so much in them, it's hard to just leave them. Anyway, after a while, Jellybean came up and said, "Miss C, my auntie died in January." I felt like my heart was being torn! All the memories I have of this lady are dear and sweet, even though I never had much contact with her. She left an impression for good on me that I won't soon forget.
So now I find myself pondering this thought: One day, students, parents, colleauges, family, and friends are going to hear or read or see that Miss C is dead. What will they be thinking? What impression am I leaving? If weekly (or less) contact with Mrs. M. left such a mark, what kind of mark am I leaving on the hearts and minds of the young people with whom I spend every day? What about my family? Casual acquaintances?
Definite food for thought. Reminds me of yet another song:

I want to leave a legacy
How will they remember me?
Did I choose to love? Did I point to You enough
To make a mark on things?
I want to leave an offering
A child of mercy and grace who
blessed your name unapologetically
And leave that kind of legacy

What do people think of Jesus because they know me? What will people remember when I'm gone? What will they remember when you're gone?
Sorry to be so heavy, but it's a big thought.
The next post will be something silly I'm sure!


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I realize you left this message a few months ago, but I just came across it this afternoon as I was sitting her trying to find something that might help me connect with my class this year. I have to tell you that it really touched me and helped me. I teach at a very small Christian school, one class per grade and some combined, sound familiar? Anyway, I was asked to move from 2nd grade to teaching 4th and 5th this year because the administrator felt the older class was in desperate need of "my structure." They are a rougher group of kids and I honestly feel like it's what God wants me to do, but I don't want to do it. Obviously I have agreed to do it and now I am struggling with how to show His love to these children who need it so much when all I want to do is go back to the 2nd grade and the great class I was expecting to have.

All that said to get to this. Thanks Miss C. for reminding me that I need to leave the legacy that God intends for me to leave no matter what!

God bless you,