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Leaving School Problems at School



I'm a new teacher, and I have just had a really stressful year. Things just seem to constantly be coming up between students, other staff members, stupid gossip, etc. My problem is that I "let" these problems eat me up! I get so involved in them sometimes that I can't eat or sleep. I am a very sensitive person and I just worry about these problems constantly. I worry that sometimes I get overly concerned at school. Other teachers just seem to nudge big things off like its not a big deal, but I can't stop thinking about them. Is this typical of new teachers? Anyone else have this issue? Any advice for getting rid of this problem?


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I still do

Things still bother me, although not quite as much as they did when I started teaching 3 years ago. It takes a long time to develop "thick skin," and I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to completely let things go. I worry about things a lot, and it does interfere with other parts of my life, but I just can't help it. I think that as teachers we are so emotionally attached to our work that we think about it all the time.

My suggestion would be to try to find a hobby or something to do to clear your mind - walking, playing with pets, spending time with family, shopping (my favorite), talking with a friend, taking a warm bath, watching TV (sometimes it's good to just zone out for a little bit), etc. Each person has something different that works for them. I have found that one of my biggest helps is to be around people who aren't teachers. Then I'm not tempted to think about teaching all the time.


same here

It's so hard to try to let these problems go. I've been teaching for a while and things still really get to me. I work in a small school, we're all 'friends' and call each other at night - so bringing it home is even harder to avoid. You have to get involved in a special activity like the other poster said that seems to help. I garden, walk, and play with my own kids to get work off my mind. I even take my phone off the hook at night!


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I have trouble leaving it at work too. I think you need to develop a rich life outside of school: family, travel, friends, parties, exercise, church, theatre... there is so much for you to get interested in! It's a sign that you are a great teacher though if you find yourself "eating, drinking, and sleeping" this job. Nevertheless, it's not worth jeopardizing your mental and physical health! What good would that do? It won't be long until we all exhale for a few months and then jump back on our hamster wheels in the fall!