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Lenape indians

Social Studies 


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I am looking for a 4th grade project for the Lenape Indianas. I don't want to do something messy. My two foruth grade classes are nosie and it would be too much for them. I also want them to be able to use the laptops we have. They want to be able to use them after seeing the 5th grade. Any suggestions would be great.

Doc Dread

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Native American Simulations

As an electronic introduction to early American exploration and Native Americans in general, I have used: www.historyglobe.com/jamestown/. I have also created an e-worksheet on the specific content, in this case Lenape Indians. The students could use the internet search to answer those questions. E-worksheets can be made for free with sites like classmarker and then you give the students the link they go to answer online.

There are some good online videos which could be incorporated into the e-worksheet (or regular worksheet) at: http://www.lenapelifeways.org/video.htm. Good luck.

Agenda something like this:
Class Hook - Jamestown simulation
Class Work - Electronic worksheet
Video and response(s) - Electronic worksheet
(More than one day) - Perhaps create a PowerPoint or online presentation like Prezi