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Lesson for Observation



Well, the 3 year mark came around....time for another observation with the principal. It has to be a language arts lesson and I teach 3rd grade. As it stands, though, we're so close to testing time, that I feel like I'm spending most of my time REVIEWING things rather than introducing them. Any awesome ideas that worked for you all??


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Review Game

Could you play a review game with the kids? It will demonstrate what they've learned, and they'll have fun. Some principals like things like this. You just have to be careful because of the classroom management part. Sometimes kids can get crazy during a game.



the lesson HAS to have an objective, examples non-examples, etc. etc.


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I just did a great lesson with my third graders on adjectives. I put a poster on the board of the Pittsburgh Steelers. (We live 50 miles south of this great team) You could use a poster of anythign the kids would be interested in from your area. I had the kids first list nouns. Players, football, stadium, coach, quarterback, etc. They had a ball reviewing nouns.

Then we made simple sentences.

The players will win.
The boy threw the football.
We went to the stadium. (You get the idea.)

Now I asked them to close their eyes I read them some of the sentences. What did they see? Was there enough information to have a clear picture of what is going on? What kind of player is it? What does the boy look like?

We decided to put more words to help us understand what kind or how many things were there.

The powerful players will win.
The tall boy threw the brown football.
We saw the new stadium.
One coach instructed the team.

Now we drew our own pictures relating to the Steelers. The had to list at least 10 adjective/noun phrases found in the picture.
-Large scoreboard.
-ten players
-winning team

The kids had a ball and it was one more way to tie in the Steeler Fever with my classroom.

Maybe you could get an idea from this. I hope it helps.

Marie from PA


Great idea! I plan to use it soon! Not only does it teach the concept, but invites participation which should cement the learning. Thanks!