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Lesson on counting money



Does anyone have suggestions for basic lessons on counting money. I am doing a demo lesson and the class is just starting to learn what certain coins are and how to count them......any ideas?....thanks so much!


sticker store

I set up a sticker store. Half the class sells stickers and the other half buys. Then they switch roles. I set up the prices and make signs before hand. I line up the large tables in the classroom and seat the sellers behind them with a pair of scissors (to cut the scissors apart) and a cup to collect the money. The buyers use our plastic coins to purchase the stickers. If they run out I give them more. They get to buy one sticker of each kind. They help each other count the amount.
The best part is they do all the work and you just help when needed.(Would be good for an observation). They could really make signs and come up with a price if you needed them too. Perhaps the day before they could do this.


I made up a song to teach mine

Our students were having an awful time remembering the names of coins and the value so I made up this silly song.
Penny penny penny's worth 1 1 1
Nickle nickle nickle worth 5 5 5
Dime dime dime is worth 10 10 10
Quarter quarter quarter worth 25 cents.
As we sing this song the students hold up fingers to show the amount.
1 finger for penny
5 fingers for nickle
10 fingers for dime
Two sets of 10 and one hand of five for quarter. Hope this makes sense.