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Lesson Plans



What exactly does your district/school expect you to put in your lesson plan books? Are you required to list objectives, activities, standards, materials, etc. or just page numbers with the activity? How detailed must you be? Does your principal check them? What are your feelings as to what SHOULD be in there? Thanks for sharing the info with me-


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No elaborate plans

At my school we don't have to have elaborate lesson plans. We only have to include the objective (which for us is just listing the SOL number we are covering), focus of instruction (which is basically our objective), and our evaluation. We do need to show how we are differentiating and who we are flexing with and what skill. They spot check our plans by having us turn in a copy of our lesson plans for the week they want to check. Sometimes ap and/or principal will announce it and other times they will tell us to turn in our plans by the end of the day. We also do a monthly outline for our grade level on what we are covering for the month.


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lesson plans

When I write my lesson plans, I put the page number in my manual of where to find the lesson with the lesson #. Then i state the objective, followed by a brief description of what i will be doing and any evaluation or homework that goes with it. so it looks like this (i'll copy and paste one)

EM Math Lesson 2.5 Page 110
Concept-explore doubles +1 and doubles +2 facts
Math Message and follow up Discuss double +1 facts
and double +2 facts Play dominoes version of top it
Cut out fact triangles Math Box 2.5
Journal Pg 31-2 Home Link 2.5

That is an Everyday Math lesson plan. As to what SHOULD be there, it should be enough for a sub. to understand if in fact you don't make it to school due to sickness or an automobile accident etc. and it should contain everything your administration requests from you! Our lesson plans are due at 8a.m. every monday for the week and the secretary checks to be sure they are all turned in and then the principal puts a note in our mailbox if they are late to turn them in before we leave the building on Monday. She glances at them the odd time, but rarely as i have turned in the same lesson plans and just changed the date at the top...some weeks you just don't get much accomplished!


Guess I am lucky...no expecations. No one even asks if we keep a plan book. I do keep one and plan every Thursday for the following week. I also fill out foucs lesson sheets by choice for reader's and writer's workshop. I feel like it is for me to know what I need to do. If we are out we have to write up formal plans for our sub.