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Let's talk straight here. The problem with education is the teachers.


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Yes, I said it. I am absolutely convinced that the failure of education is purely our fault. Often times I have a fairly steady stream of students coming into my room for a time out from other classes. Sometimes I just point to a spot and leave them alone. Other times I ask a few questions. It's the responses to those questions that have told me everything I need to know.

Generally I try to find out what brought them to my classroom. It's almost always "nothing." Nothing? Yes, I kid you not. Nothing. These students tell me how unfair their academic endeavors can be at times. And I'll tell you, they're right. It is unfair.

I've learned that the issue is with the teachers. Teachers, please, it's not the "offender" who was talking. It was a neighbor. And for those bad students who were talking, I am assured it was just to pass along information about the lesson. Apparently many of you are not clear with your instructions and if it wasn't for these few brave souls none of your students would have any idea what to do. I assume their own papers are blank because they're picking up your slack.

Other times it's worse yet. They've been picked on by someone else and you caught the wrong person. Seriously. If you would just take fifteen or twenty minutes to hear the story unwind you would likely find that they were forced to rip up someone's paper or throw their book to the floor because a friend of a friend of a friend of a kid in the next building happened to have heard at lunch from another friend that this person's best friend heard this person's best friend...oh, it get's lost in the translation, but trust me, the trail is quite clear. You neglected to gather the details.

Please do a better job tomorrow before these innocent children lose trust in the system.


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I don't even listen to their b.s. story. I give them an essay to copy along with a golf pencil. It is several paragraphs long and teaches them about the valuable free of cost system of education that we have in the beautiful United States of AmericaLOL
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Yes, I have to agree. Whenever you ask a child what they did at school, the child will say, "nothing." What did you learn today, gets the same response! Come on everyone! Park your Lexis in your four car garage, throw the boat keys in the drawer and get back to work! Society is tired of paying your 100K salary just so the kids can learn nothing and do nothing.


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About getting the details

Had a conversation with one really tall 4th grader in the hall this afternoon. Rather, tried to have a conversation.

By the time he was done with me, it was a draw. And he doesn't even know what that means.

We were discussing how his (constant) loud talking is distracting and he just came across with a really rude and disrespectful comment to me. I thought. He starts crying. Whoa! I've got more power than I knew. I wasn't even trying for crying.

In class I called him out on the talking, he denied it and said (I swear!) "...and you're talking". Oh yeah buddy?

Hmmmm, well I was talking. See the problem?

By the time he was finished with his own brand of superb, finely tuned 4th grade logic (yes, that really is an oxymoron), I wasn't sure if I was supposed to apologize to him or feel sorry for him because after all he was crying.

I'm not sure what happened to my original idea of giving him an attitude adjustment. :confused:

anna - I loved this
I give them an essay to copy along with a golf pencil.


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Anna, can I get a copy of this paragraph? I like this idea. Instead of golf pencils though, I'm going to use the teeny tiny gnawed up ones I find on the floor.

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I have a student who is "perfect", so his mother and grandfather believe. They always back him if I send a note home. (He is not a terrible kid, just impulsive and very chatty) but, He is of course innocent of all wrongdoing in every instance and I am picking on him..

Yesterday his grandfather came up to school yelling at everyone and dragging the boy behind him. (Because in his behavior folder I put a check by "does not control talking") The grandfather informed the principal that, "His grandson can't get a good education because the teachers keep getting in his way"

I am really relieved to have heard this, I was unaware that my trying to teach the class was getting in his grandson's way of learning...I guess I will just sit at my desk and play words with friends today and stay out of his way.


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The lesson can be found by googling "time out lesson." There are several available and all are very effective.:D:D I blessed a child with one today and his teacher remarked later that he was an angel after leaving my classroom.