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Letter X ideas



Junior Member
Hi all,

The letter we are working on next week is letter x. I need some ideas on centers I can do for the letter x.
They have to be more process art and child done then the typical craft of a teacher cutting out the letter x and the kids having to glue that on paper and then glue qtips on paper.
Any ideas would be appreciated.

onion girl

Full Member
I have not done it as a center but we have done it as an art project. I model different things they could draw on their map(roads, lake, trees, mountains). They draw the map and then decide where the "treasure" should be and we put a sticker there. We have used a yellow circle sticker to be the treasure. We glue a small square of construction paper so there is a flap over the treasure (only put glue on one side so you can lift the flap. They draw an X on the flap. Children who like art have liked this.