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Library Check out System


Junior Member
A few years ago I noticed a post about a way for teachers to keep up with their classroom libraries. It was some sort of automated check out system in which the teacher made a database of all of their books and the students checked them out (kinda like they do in the real library). I bookmarked the website that the teacher had mentioned but I never got around to doing it. Now I want to do it and I can't find the website!! I tried to search the archives but I can't find it. Do any of you know what I am talking about or do you do anything similar?

Mrs. G

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check out systems

My team mate of mine has a library pocket with each student's name on it hanging on a poster. When a child checks out a book they put the card from the book in the pocket with their name on it. When they are finished with the book they take the card out of the pocket and stick it back in the book and put the book back on the shelf.

I like this system and think I might try it next year as mine is not working.;)