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Life Happens

Beach Glass

Senior Member
Some of you may remember my DD1 and SIL losing their home (townhouse), cars, and one of their 2 cats to a house fire last October. It's been a difficult 9 months, but things have been moving forward.

SIL's company put them up for 3 months in an apartment normally used by visiting executives while they looked for an apartment. In December they moved into a fully furnished (right down to kitchen ware and bath towels) apartment normally used by visiting professors at the local university. The landlord waived the "no pets" policy once hearing of the cat's plight. (ICU at the neighboring university's vet hospital, and lingering respiratory issues.)

They have been successful in finding a house! Yay! It's taken quite a while, with inventories so low and prices crazy high, but they signed and closing is at the end of the month.

But sadly, Bailey, the surviving cat, has not had an easy time. A slow decline, PTSD, along with more and newer chronic issues. This cat has been such a lifeline for DD1 and SIL through these months. But yesterday, they made the best decision for Bailey considering the pain she was experiencing, and let her cross the rainbow bridge.

Ah, how we wish our pets lived longer than us. :(


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I'm glad they've found a house, and all of my sympathy over their cat. I completely understand how much comfort they bring during hard times, and saying good bye is the most difficult part of loving them so much.


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Great news about the house and the nice people who helped to accommodate them when they were in need. Sorry about their cat.


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I'm sorry about the loss of their cat. It's always hard. I'm glad they found a house, though, and it's lovely to hear about people stepping up to help out.


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I am so very sorry. What a terrible loss on top of everything they’ve been through.

Glad that they will be moving into a new home finally. Sending good thoughts and positive vibes.

Cat woman

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That must have been more difficult than it usually is seeing that Bailey helped your DD through all the trials and tribulations of the situation. Thinking of your DD and SIL as they make their move.