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Listening Center Activities?


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I usually have a listening center as one of my literacy stations. When I was brand new, I just had them listen to a story or two. Eventually I had them draw their favorite part or illustrate and write about the beg. mid. and end.

I have tons and tons of books and tapes but I would like to know if anyone else has any ideas of what to have them do at a listening center besides just listening to the story?!? Thanks!


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Listening to Directions
Record a list of simple directions. Students listen to the tape and follow the directions.

Listen and Recall
Students listen to a story on tape, and recall different sequences by recording on sheet.

Listen to Yourself
Provide blank tapes and a tape recorder for students to tape themselves reading a book or some poems. Then have themselves listen to their reading.

Listen and Read
Listen to stories on tape and read along with print versions of the story. You can make tapes of the stories with your own voice and/or encourage parents and other relatives to make some to bring in the classroom

What Will the Ending Be?
Listen to the beginning of a story on tape, and write your own ending to the story by writing the words or by illustrating with pictures.

Listen and Report
Write/draw the characters, setting, problem, and solution to the story

Sound Effects
Listen to sound effects cd and write what the sounds are.


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Thank you so much, I'll be sure to check out the website and I'm going to print your list so I remember later! Thanks again!<!--lovestruck-->