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"Listening to Reading"

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Hi All...
I have some questions about the listening to reading rotation of the daily 5. Im not sure if I can squeeze all 5 rotations a day. If not, could my teacher read aloud time be considered listening to reading? Also, where can I find some 3rd grade appropriate books on tape/cd with matching books for reasonable price? What playback systems do you use? First year, so things are getting expensive quick....eeeelkkkk!!!!

Thanks all
First year teacher from CA :)


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I also teach 3rd grade and will be starting D5 in the Fall...excited, but also starting to feel very overwhelmed! I just bought some CD players from Walmart for $9.98 each. I only bought 4 of them and then I also have a cassette player in my room that can accomodate 3 students at once. The only place I have found for books/CDs/tapes is Scholastic, but they are way over priced even when on-sale. If you find anything, let me know and I will do the same.


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You don't have to do 5 rotations every day. Some teachers only do 2 or 3 rounds (some days I only fit in one round). You can give students a choice. Some teachers dictate how many times they do each choice each week (for example read to self every day, read with someone at least twice a week, word work at least 3 times a week, etc.) and some teachers say one reading choice (read to self, read with someone, listen to reading) and one writing choice (work on writing, word work) each day.

I wouldn't consider the readaloud comparable to listen to reading, but you also don't have to even introduce all 5 choices. As students get into upper grades teachers often drop listen to reading anyway.

As for books, when I first started teaching I always checked out books and cassettes (and later cds) out from the public library.

There are also websites for listening to reading. Tumblebooks is a great site (requires a subscription but your district might have it) and also storylineonline dot net (famous people read books out loud). I had 4 classroom computers that my students listed to books on. When we had our old computers they listened to cds in them. Our new computers didn't have cd drives so I switched to websites.


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I think one thing alot of new readers of D5 get confused is that the title is Daily 5, so I have to do 5 rotations a day, right? Wrong, from the postings on here to the youtube clips, what you realize is that the students have the choice from 5 literacy activities a day. This seems to be the confusion I had at first and many others have. Some teachers require certain components of the choices, and some leave it up to the students' choice, but either way, you don't shove all 5 into the day, you just teach and set the students up for success in a possibility of 5 stations. Hope this helps...?


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MsMartine83....That does make more sense! So I could do 3-4 rotations and make 1-2 rotations free choice if I want and the other 1-3 Mandatory! This would work SOOOO much better :)


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If you have three rotations, you can tell your students from the start:

"We will have three rotations of Daily 5 today. Read to Self must be one of your choices. Think about when you'll want to do read to self. It can be done first, second or third, but it has to be done."


"This week we will have three Daily 5 rotations every day. You MUST do read to self every day. You also need to do Work on Writing at least 4 times this week. If you want to do either one more than that, you can, but you have to make sure you are doing what is required."

I made a tracking sheet a few years ago where the students kept track of their choices for the week. Shaded in gray was the required number of times they had to complete specific tasks. When they completed it, they wrote the day they did it. It helped them manage their choices.


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Listen to Reading

I frequently only did 2 rounds of D5 as that was all we had time for. It worked well. Each student only got Listen to Reading once per week. They were scheduled a day. I had to do it this way because I only have 5 mp3 players, and I also just wanted to keep it simple. They also had computer lab once per week where they could listen to reading on Starfall as a choice as well.

I used a tracking sheet and indicated on the sheet each child's Listen to Reading day.


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Free Audio Books

Check out http://www.booksshouldbefree.com/ for some free audio books. They are typically old or traditional stories since they are part of public domain, but many would be suitable for 3rd graders. I've downloaded all the ones that are about 30 min or less that will work for my first graders already.

love books

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iPod for Listen to Reading

I brought in an old iPod I wasn't using anymore. I went to the Robert Munsch site and saved some of his stories (MP3 format) onto the iPod. The kids use the books I have in the class and love to listen along - I bought cheap headphones at the $ store - they actually lasted pretty well!