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literacy bags for this age


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I am looking for an enriching home-school project. I know some of the first grade teachers at my school send home literacy bags with the kids that have a book with activities. I was thinking of trying to make older ones for my kids. Does anyone think this will work? Has anyone tried this? Any ideas of what activities to give them or what books to use? I'd definitely like to use novels but I was thinking that some picture books for older kids might be a good idea. Any thoughts would be appreciated!!

Carrie in WV

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Similar post on another board

I just replied to a similar post, but I highly recommend Mandy Gregory's website. She has posted on this board before; she is a teacher of fourth graders (I think) and she has a whole section on literacy bags for this age. There are also links to other pages on literacy bags. Check it out at www.mandygregory.com. I have gotten lots of good things from her website!