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Literacy Centers

Classroom Management 


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If you could divide 20 students into 4 teacher/parent-led groups for literacy centers - what would you do in your centers? Each adult-led center group would last for about 12-15 minutes (meeting together at least three days a week).

Thank you!


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A teacher led group would be a guided reading lesson. I would have a phonological/phonemic awareness/phonics activity (maybe 2 groups of this). I would probably have a writing group--shared/interactive writing style. I would have a group with a parent read aloud to the group (and some training for the parent on how to have conversations to build oral language). I would have a crafty/arty activity that includes some literacy (even just reading and following directions to create it).


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We usually have our parent read scholastic news and do a related activity, teach them how to play a game, or do a writing or art activity related to our theme. But I've never done centers where they have a short period of time and rotate, so I'm not exactly sure how I'd do it. I know some of my colleagues have parents help them with curriculum worksheets.