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Literacy Journals


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What kinds of things do you use Literacy Journals for? I am wanted to better incorporate them next year and I am interested in knowing how others are using them.

Eli O.

I teach 2nd grade and use a Reading REsponse JOurnal. We use it once a week and the students write a response to a question from the basal story we read during the week. For example, last week we read a story about a veterinarian and their question was "What is your favorite pet?" The students like it and there's a space for them to draw a picture. IT's also a GREAT activity for subs because it's easy and you can use it for any book.

I also have a guided reading log students write in once a week--they write the title of the book, and 1 or two sentences about what we read. Maybe use the vocab. words--I like it for guided writing practice.

Hope this helps!!

Paul S.

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What I do

In my 5th grade class, the students not only answer the comprehension questions that are foundin the back of the story, but they answer specific questions regarding character development, theme, author's purpose, etc. It is not a very unique idea. I just decided that every kid use a spiral to keep everything together.

In the back of the spiral, the students keep a list of new words. They are expected to define the word, draw a picture or word web, and write synonyms for the word.

I am EXTREMELY interested in hearing what other people do with their literary journals.